“Culture eats Process for breakfast!”


  • Building an Agile Organization? Learn about The Connected Company | Sleeping Barber http://t.co/y7sae8uH0U
  • Getting management into agile: A sink or swim proposition – SD Times: Software Development News http://t.co/olqbIxHLja
  • Not Results-Only Work Environments but Trust-Only Work Environments – by Jurgen Appelo http://t.co/zU2qLzd5ev
  • BBC News – Secret Google lab ‘rewards staff for failure’ http://t.co/caTPguGZ1P
  • Kaizen Boards Don’t Work (because it’s the improvement culture that matters not the tool) – by Pawel Brodzinski http://t.co/fnzmFlMkON





I don’t claim these articles to be the best on this subject, but I have enjoyed reading them and they have made my knowledge grow. I recommend you to have a look if you are interested in the subject. Happy reading!

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