“An organisation that is not inspiring towards agility is going to be a stagnant irrelevant organisation in a matter of years.”


  • Holacracy | Social Technology for Purposeful Organization http://t.co/tl02ebgkZM
  • Zappos is going holacratic: no job titles, no managers, no hierarchy – Quartz http://t.co/DCWdEGWsAO
  • Bjarte Bogsnes Beyond Budgeting Breakfast Briefing – Key Ingredients | worldofchris http://t.co/RkXuoS4poB
  • Taking reality seriously – towards a more self-regulating management model at Statoil | by Bjarne Bogsnes http://t.co/kVGfzjWVBR
  • The Last Re-Org You’ll Ever Do: Thinking about organization design may lead to ever-evolving entities – Aaron Dignan http://t.co/PAVThp6p2I





I don’t claim these articles to be the best on this subject, but I have enjoyed reading them and they have made my knowledge grow. I recommend you to have a look if you are interested in the subject. Happy reading!

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