Impediments can slow down or even halt the progress of an otherwise well-functioning Scrum team. Stefan Roock has 5 tips on impediment resolution.


  1. If the impediment backlog lives in the mysterious black book of the ScrumMaster, you have a problem.
  2. If your impediment backlog does not change you have a problem.
  3. If your impediment backlog is empty, you have a problem.
  4. If you have an impediment backlog with a growing number of active impediments, you have a problem.
  5. If the ScrumMaster resolves all impediments himself you have a problem.


  1. Make the impediments visible
  2. Search for impediments
  3. Limit the number of impediments
  4. Differentiate between local and global impediments
  5. Help the team to resolve impediments

Please check out the blog post at Scrum Alliance for more details about the solutions.

Photo: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0