Sometimes Daily Scrum Meeting are not working. The meetings don’t release the power of the team get together in a “Scrum”. Jason Yip has described a number of Smells (anti-patterns) in his well-known article about daily meetings.

The feel of an effective stand-up is about how you know when things are going right. Smells are about how you know when things are going wrong. It is important to note that even if you have no smells, this does not mean the stand-up is going right. It just means that it doesn’t “stink”.

Jason have described the following smells:

  • Reporting to the Leader
  • People are Late
  • Stand-up Meeting Starts the Day… Late
  • Observers Interrupt
  • Socializing
  • I Can’t Remember
  • Story Telling
  • Problem Solving
  • Low Energy
  • Obstacles are not Raised
  • Obstacles are not Removed
  • Obstacles are Only Raised in the Stand-up

Please read the full article It’s Not Just Standing Up: Patterns of Daily Stand-up Meetings for complete descriptions of these smells and patterns how to solve these problems.