As a Scrum Master you have to really listen to what the guys in the team are presenting. Some impediments are explicitly mentioned, but others may be hidden “between the lines”.  The team member may not actually discovered the impediment yet. It is easier if you have a checklist of impediment categories that you could have in your back head during the Daily Scrum.

Tom Perrys talks about this in a presentation “Impediment Hunting” at Agile Roots 2009 conference.

He identifies a number of Impediment Categories:

  • Incomplete Work
  • Missing Information
  • Missing Parts
  • Repeated Work
  • Waiting
  • Missing Dependency
  • Not Enough Time
  • Interruptions
  • Defects
  • Bureaucracy
  • Mis-Communication
  • Decisions Not Made

This list of categories can be used as a checklist be the Scrum Master during the Daily Scrum.

He also adds a fourth question:

  • What one thing helped to accelerate my progress yesterday?

The presentation slides are also available to download.