Problems are identified when presented at Daily Scrum meeting. Solutions can be found early that eliminates the problem.

Daily Scrum

Photo: / CC BY-SA 2.0

The team members present what them have done sine sine yesterday and plan to-do today. In addition to this, impediments stopping them are also presented. Anything stopping the team to complete features and tasks such as  technical problems or problems with the work environment. The team can often solve these problems internally, but often the Scrum Master must take responsibility of a problem and find a solution to it.

Scrum Master must also be observant on non-presented impediments. There may be collaboration problems in the team. Someone may have problem at home or drinking too much. Independent of type of problem it is the Scrum Master’s task to eliminate these problems.

As a consequence impediments are always brought up to the surface immediately so that they can be removed. This is one of the reasons why Scrum teams have so high productivity: People are not simply not allowed to struggle with problems they cannot solve themselves.