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One of the most powerful work practices for agile teams is the Daily Scrum Meeting also know as the Daily Stand-up Meeting.

In this meeting the team meets every day at the same location and the same same time. All team members must participate. Everybody stands up for the whole meeting. Each of the team members answers the following questions:

  1. What did you do since yesterday?
  2. What do you plan to do until tomorrow?
  3. Any impediments stopping you at the moment?

This is not  a meeting for problem solving, so potential discussions are postponed until after the meeting.

It is important that the team members tell their status to all other in the team and not only reporting to the scrum master or project manager. Remember that every body in the team should what the other people in the team are currently are doing.

My opinion is that the Product Owner should participate in these meeting. To be an effective Product Owner this person must very operative and available to the team. The Daily Scrum is a good opportunity for the Product Owner to fulfill intention of the role.

It’s good if the Scrum Master attends these meetings, but it is not necessary that he or she is present in every meeting.

The Daily Scrum is part of the Scrum framework, but you can always practice this in your team even if you are using some other software development methodology. This practice also works for non software teams.

There are many effects of  the Daily Scrum practice. I will come back in later post about these.