The recipient’s of this year’s Shingo Prize have been announced. The Research and Professional Publication Prize category is a great reading list for new lean books:

Steven Spear – Chasing the Rabbit. A book on how to catch up with your lean competiors. HBR review here.

Mark Graban – Lean Hospitals. The book by the productive author of

John Shook – Managing to Learn. Focuses on Toyota’s visual A3 management tool. * Professor Peter Hines; Dr. Pauline Found; Gary Griffiths; and Richard Harrison – Staying Lean: Thriving, Not Just Surviving.

Jeffrey K. Liker, Michael Hoseus and the Center for Quality People and Organizations – Toyota Culture. Great author, new book. What’s not to like?

Durward K. Sobek II and Art Smalley – Understanding A3 Thinking. Another winning book on Toyota’s A3 tool from Productivity Press.

New Lean Reading List: Shingo Prize Winners Announced – Ative at Work