October 2008

The recession is actually a good thing. This can create new business opportunities. Our customers will be even more anxious to remove waste and produce results. Got this from Mishkin Berteig:

Okay, global markets are in turmoil. Consumer spending is dropping. Economists are forecasting recessions or extremely small growth. Businesses are adjusting revenue and earnings forecasts. Bad news all around. Actually, no. This is the perfect time to be in business. This time of crisis can actually be the opportunity that your business desperately needed, you just didnt know it.

The Agile Recession Challenge – De-Bureaucratize!!! | Agile Advice – Working With Agile Methods (Scrum, XP, Lean)


I attended the Scrum Gathering in Stockholm in the end of October. I was my first visit to to a international conference. It was a good experience. I met many old friends, but also talked with new contacts.

The conference was located to an old high-school building, now renovated into a conference center. Unfortunately, the rooms used for the Scrum conference were spread out in the whole building, so there were a lot of walking in the stairs.

It is really amazing how much attraction the big names, such as Jeff Sutherland and Henrik Kniberg have. These sessions were almost always full.

The best session during the conference was the presentation from salesforce.com. They transformed the entire SW development organization  to Agile in three months. Impressing!

Since I am working with telecom R&D I talked a lot with people from Ericsson and Nokia Siemens. I participated in a very interesting Open Space session about preparation of product delivery and support during the development sprints. There were mostly people form Nokia Siemens in this session.

There are a lot of information available about agile on the web. There are of course the obvious sites such as Agile alliance and Agile Manifesto. I have collected a few other resources with good information about agile work practices:

Simon Baker has written Agile Zealot’s Handbook

Joe Little has written an book(73 pages) about how he views Agile called Elements of Agile Style.

Kitty Hawk Consulting has a list of Agile/Lean resources with links to book and web sites.

Mishkin Berteig and Garry Berteig have written a good article about how agile work practices can be applied to non-software areas.

Deborah Hartmann agile reading list is also a good source of information.

Mishkin Berteig has posted Agile Benefits: Five Essential Reasons to Try Agile that really explains the good things with the agile work practices.